On November 12th Disney will be hosting its first ever Disney+ Day, which will be a day meant to honor the streaming service by thanking fans with new content, and looks at content to come. The new looks are promised to be from Disney’s major franchises, which include Marvel and Star Wars, and luckily both franchises will be getting some love on D+ Day 2021.

While all the Marvel and other D+ content looks great for this celebration, Star Wars fans should take note of a special releasing on D+ Day 2021. The special is described as, “celebrating the origins and legacy of Star Wars’ legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett,” so get ready to consume some Fett content.

Now this doesn’t sound like a trailer for his upcoming show, rather it sounds like a true special dedicated to fleshing out who he was before his Mando resurrection, and who he has become since. I’m guessing it may be like the Marvel Studios LEGENDS specials that provide recaps of key characters and villains to get casual fans primed for Book of Boba, but one would also have to think that the special will also feature some fresh content from the Book series. If anything, fans will get to see some Neo Boba Fett in one form or another.

It’s not clear if anything else Star Wars related will get teased on D+ Day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were brief teasers or some sizzle reels for the Kenobi series and/or Andor (the release does mention trailers and whatnot also being released on this day for upcoming D+ content). Hell maybe even Bad Batch S2 will get some love!

That may be too much to ask for, but at least the Boba stuff is confirmed, and one has to think some Book of Boba content will be covered. The first trailer should release before 11/12, but who knows, maybe Disney will save that for this big day too. It’s not like Star Wars fans need convinced to watch it, so why go crazy with reveals left and right?

You can check out the full list of content planned for Disney+ Day 2021 below from the D23 site:

Disney+ Day Content Premieres from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic
Disney+ Day will feature content premieres from all of the marquee brands on service, including:

  • The streaming premiere of Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings
  • The beloved Disney family-friendly adventure film Jungle Cruise, available to all subscribers
  • The new Disney+ Original movie Home Sweet Home Alone, a reimagining of the popular holiday franchise
  • An all-new original series of shorts from Walt Disney Animation Studios called Olaf Presents, which sees Frozen’s beloved snowman retelling several classic Disney tales as only he can
  • The domestic Disney+ streaming debut of fan favorite shorts from Walt Disney Animation Studios including Frozen Fever, Oscar®-winning shorts Feast and Paperman, Oscar-nominated Mickey Mouse short Get A Horse! and more
  • An animated short film Ciao Alberto from Pixar, featuring characters from this summer’s animated hit breakout film Luca
  • A new short from The Simpsons that pays tribute to Disney+’s marquee brands
  • The first five episodes from season two of The World According to Jeff Goldblum from National Geographic
  • A special celebrating the origins and legacy of Star Wars’ legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett
  • A special celebrating the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+ with an exciting look towards the future
  • Dopesick, an original series starring Michael Keaton, which will be released in international markets as part of the Star general entertainment content offering

Subscribers to the service will be entertained with an inaugural Disney+ Day fan celebration on Disney+, which will include breaking news, first looks, new trailers, exclusive clips, and appearances from Disney+ creators and stars.

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