A prelude issue for the War of the Bounty Hunters mini-series dropped this week, and for this OT Trilogy Boba Fett hater, it was a welcomed depiction of the so-called baddest Bounty Hunter of all-time. Seriously though, if this is how Boba was depicted in Empire and Jedi, he never would have earned the mantle of Bozo from me.

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The War of the Bounty Hunters comic book run kicked off this week with a Prelude issue, and if you were like me and always though Boba Fett came off as a Bozo in the original trilogy, then this run, like The Mandalorian, will help you realize his true badassness. 

The issue kicks off with an interesting new addition to canon by making it known that Han Solo almost turned to goo while frozen in Carbonite, so before Fett ever delivered him to Jabba, he had to make a pit stop to prevent the slug’s prize from turning into Han Soup-o. 

Boba takes him to Nat Shudda to meet with a shady doc who indeed can help Boba, but the Junior Fett doesn’t have any credits, so he is persuaded to enter into some arena fights to pay his debt to the Doc. I will say that this scene greatly helps give more character to Boba at this stage in the Star Wars timeline, so it’s awesome to see this character getting more fleshed out after his triumphant live-action return in Mando. 

Anyway, due to not wanting to gain more haters or be identified by the Kanji Club, the gang who’s fighter he needs to beat, Boba gives us another new bit of canon to chew on by painting his armor black, and changing his name to Jango. I freaking love the all black Boba look, but more importantly I appreciated his callback to his headless daddy. 

Speaking of which, the issue features an awesome nod to Boba’s arena moment from AOTC as he’s about to fight in an arena himself as the new Jango. It was just a nice touch, and another moment in this issue that adds character to Boba making him more than the drone he was in the OT films. 

Boba then proceeds to showcase why he’s a player in the galaxy at this point in time by absolutely Darth Vadering his way through his competitors. Hell, he’s even more violent than Vader because he decapitates, or shoots all of his foes in the face. Brutal but lovely. 

Thanks to his impeccable murdering skills he moves on to his actual mark, this spider looking lady called Wyrmen Lictor. 

Boba holds his own for a bit thanks to his jet pack making him a fly in her Spider’s lair, but once she removes that, she gets the upper hand by seemingly puncturing Beskar with his leg. That seems like a mighty powerful leg, but it wasn’t enough. 

Boba sets off some sort of explosive on his gauntlet, which in turn transforms Lictor into a pile of pink goo. Similar to what it looks like when you step on a piece of gum on a hot day. 

Unfortunately for Mr. Unlucky, the Kanji club isn’t happy with his win, so rather than taking his winnings and padding his bank account, he walks away. All of that ass kicking and badassness for no cash, but he still completed his deal with the doc because Lictor was killed. 

Fett’s string of bad luck continues because when he returns to the Doc’s joint he finds that the doc has been killed, and that Han has been taken by rival bounty hunters. 

Boba closes out the issue by lying to Jabba about a delay with his shipment, and the official begin to the War of the Bounty Hunters. 

I tell you what, I’m already hooked into this mini-series, and from a fairly new big fan of Boba now that he’s no longer a Bozo, that’s impressive. I mean I had no respect for this version of the character due to how silly he’s portrayed in the OT movies, but thanks to an issue like this, and his Neo-Boba Renaissance via Mando, this former bum of a character to me is quickly becoming one of the more interesting Star Wars characters around. 

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