This week’s Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short just may be the most epic one to-date. Part of the reason for this declaration is the subject, who is Boba Fett, the galaxy’s most intimidating bounty hunter, but also because of how radical the visuals are to bring his awesomeness to life.

I mean if you aren’t down with the visual style of the Galaxy of Adventures series after this short, then you just don’t know art when you see it, because these things are absolutely brilliant from top to bottom.

Boba’s in particular really highlights his limited role in the movies, but in a way that makes him feel just as key to the films as the main characters. He becomes an even bigger badass thanks to this short, so check it out above.

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Matt is literally from a galaxy that is far, far away. Star Wars has consumed his life, and made him the geek that he is. He's no fan of the Prequels, but still loves the Maker. When he's not recording his unstable takes for the Star Wars Time podcast, he's either working on, taking pictures of Star Wars toys, or trying to legitimately wield the Force.