War of the Bounty Hunters #2 is out now and it definitely adds to Boba Fett’s lore while also bringing the entire galaxy together for a chance to bid on Han Solo in carbonite. It’s a good one, so head on down below for the recap and breakdown.


War of the Bounty Hunters #2 is out this week, and it continues the months long mini-series crossover event that all fans should at least be aware of. 

It’s been a great thread spanning every active Star Wars comic’s events, while also weaving some excellent Boba Fett lore to increase his badassness. 

I don’t even like to read, so I can assure you this event is well worth your time. 

The issue begins with a look at Crimson Dawn’s big shindig, which is being hosted to announce their return, but also to auction off Han Solo in Carbonite to the highest bidder. 

Of course, our man Boba is in pursuit, because this whole affair is thanks to Crimson Dawn stealing Han Solo from his clutches, and he’s hell bent on getting him back and taking Qi’ra out for messing with his quarry. 

Considering the title of this series, it’s no surprise that Bossk is the next famous Star Wars bounty hunter to get in Fett’s way.

Like 4-Lom and Zuckuss though, Bossk is no match for this cloned Mando as Boba happily frees Bossk of his legs during their encounter. 

Apparently their bond from the Clone Wars isn’t as strong as we may have expected, because Bossk tries to play that card, but Boba reminds him that while he’s not a lizard, he’s definitely cold ass blooded. So much for showing gratitude to those who helped you when you were young. 

Boba makes his way into the party in a disguise, and he intercepts Aphra and Sanna to enlist their help with his plan to get Solo back. Many of these moments are directly taken for this week’s Aphra issue, so it was fun to see them play out from different angles and perspectives. 

I also appreciated the ladies calling out Boba for being a clone, because while disguised, they could still clearly hear his Temura Morrison clone voice, so it was a nice little reference to chew on. 

Boba and the ladies watch the bidding begin and finalize their plans, while the rest of the scoundrels start throwing credits around.

I should note that this issue really makes it seem that Sly Moore has some sort of Force connection, which I’m hoping gets fleshed out in the Vader comic and this mini-series more, because she clearly says to the Imperials that she can influence weak minds to ensure the Empire gets the winning bid. 

I also liked how her plan failed because we all know the Hutt’s can’t be mind tricked, so Jabba lands the 1 million credit winning bid anyway. 

At this same moment, Boba gives the ladies his signal as he’s all Beskar’d up again and ready to claim his prize, but just as he’s about to get the party started, he runs into Leia, Lando, and Chewie, who we learned landed at the event in the most recent Star Wars comic. Literally every Star Wars faction is at this party, so Qi’ra’s idea of Han Solo being able to bring the galaxy together has definitely panned out. 

Before Boba and the Rebels can get funky, the next guest shows up, who we also knew was en route thanks to the latest Vader comic, so once burnt Anakin arrives, the gauntlet is laid down, because he’s claiming Han Solo for free. 

Well, unless Boba Fett has anything to say about it!

While the art seemed a bit off in this issue, I still really enjoyed where it took this mini-series’ thread. We seem to be coming to a head with the Crimson Dawn auction, and with every faction in the galaxy at the party, the next few issues of Star Wars, Bounty Hunters, Aphra, Vader, and the special War of the BH’s, are surely going to shape up to be exciting and full of new canon to dig into. 

Sometimes words and shit aren’t so bad after all!

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