This week’s Mando Monday offerings actually have a few Black Series figures of interest, so I will grace you with a recap post this week after taking a break from the consumerism of Star Wars.

Anyway, this week does actually have a pretty great new Star Wars Black Series figure in it thanks to the reveal of a 6-inch scale Bo-Katan Kryze figure. The best part about this figure is that she doesn’t appear to be a retailer exclusive, so you won’t have to fight online cart bots to get one today when they go up for pre-order at 4PM EST. She should be available at all of the usual toy retailers at that time.

You should be able to find it on Entertainment Earth’s Star Wars page later today, along with other new Mando Monday collectibles.

It was also revealed that four figures have been added to the Archives collection and will be made available again, and these are the Tank Driver, Shore Trooper, Death Trooper, and a Tusken Raider. You should be able to order these as well via the link above, but only after 4PM EST today.

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