If you want to get your first hands-on look at the new Sith Trooper, which will debut in The Rise of Skywalker, then you better head to San Diego Comic Con next weekend. It has been revealed that there will be all sorts of early release collectibles based on the design, as well as a set worn suit of Sith Trooper armor at the show.

The standout early release collectibles featuring the Sith Trooper are a Black Series figure, a Hot Toys Figure, and a Funko Pop. Each will be available early at SDCC, but there are so many other collectibles based on this new Trooper, so head on down below to check them out.

Please note the items are listed as Early Release, so they should eventually be available after the show, closer to the release of the film, at standard retailers. Although, the Black Series SDCC figures usually get some extra packaging and accessories, so keep an eye on that one.

The Black Series, Special Edition, Sith Trooper – Early Release Edition ($32)
Booth #3329

Sith Trooper 1/6 Scale Figure – Early Release Edition ($230)
Booth #1929

Sith Trooper Pop! – Early Release Edition ($15)
Booth #5841

Sith Trooper Unisex Backpack – Early Release Edition ($70; $75 with Sith Trooper Funko Pop!)
Booth #5248

Sith Trooper Pin – Early Release Edition ($30); Hat and Pin Combo ($50)
Booth #2913-K

Sith Trooper Tee (Red Helm Short Sleeve Crew Tee) – Early Release Edition ($28)
Booth #2913-J

Sith Trooper Geeki Tikis – Early Release Edition ($20) and Sith Trooper Mini Muglet – Early Release Edition ($7)
Booth #2913-M

Sith Trooper Premier Bookmark Giveaway
Booth #2913-D

Sith Trooper costume sets and masks for kids and adults, perfect for fans of all ages – Early Release Edition ($6-$75)
Booth #4049

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