If you’re into Star Wars art, then you will surely appreciate the art that will grace the cover of Birth.Movies.Death.’s upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX issue.

Oliver Barrett is the artist responsible for the cover art, which features the film’s dueling leads in a combat stance with them being flanked by their various forces. If you want to order the issue, you can do so through Mondo.

Image Credit: Oliver Barrett

The issue’s contents can be found below, it should ship this November.

What’s Inside

This December, director JJ Abrams will bring the Skywalker Saga to an epic conclusion in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. To celebrate this once in a lifetime event, Alamo Drafthouse and Birth.Movies.Death. are releasing a brand-new collectible magazine that is mandatory reading for any STAR WARS fan (let’s face it – that’s you), featuring cover art by Oliver Barrett.

Inside, you’ll find: an exclusive interview with THE RISE OF SKYWALKER screenwriter Chris Terrio, an eye-popping spread taking you inside the creation of Jock’s immortal trilogy of STAR WARS Mondo posters, deep-dive essays on some of our favorite corners of the STAR WARS galaxy and much, much more.

Articles Include:

  • Poe Dameron And The Power of F*cking Up
  • ROGUE ONE: The Action Fan’s STAR WARS Film
  • Yes Of Course We Are Ranking The 1997 STAR WARS: SPECIAL EDITION Taco Bell Toys
  • Embracing The Past: The Importance of The Prequel Trilogy
  • From Binary Sunset to Binary Sunset: The Life and Death of Luke Skywalker
  • The Captain Says You Are A Friend: Ranking STAR WARS’ Droids
  • A Look Back At The REBEL ASSAULT Video Game SeriesAnd Much, Much More!

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