It looks like we may be in for some very substantial news concerning Star Wars in general, perhaps Episode IX in particular. In a joint effort, Star Wars UK, France, and the Netherlands all took to their Twitter accounts to send out the same message around the same time. Take a look below.

The calm before the galactic storm is definitely a pretty hype filled message, and when you run through the short gif that is included, you also see the message “This is where the fun begins.” There are no specific hints included in these tweets, but we all know that there has been a huge surge in requests for the Episode IX title recently, and with principal photography officially wrapped up, it is totally feasible for the title to be released to the public.

We have already seen the rumors about the possible Balance of the Force title, and some of Anthony Daniel’s tweets seem to be hinting a bit at that as well, but Balance of the Force is the title of an official Star Wars pinball game. Not saying that it isn’t possible, but it would be a little weird for the last installment of your flagship franchise to be named after an already released pinball game.

We will keep you up to date on all the happenings here at Star Wars Time, so stay tuned!

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