We all know The Mandalorian is awesome, but did you know that almost all of it was shot indoors, on sets, with massive LED screens to create the majestic looking backgrounds we saw in the finished episodes.

Well, thanks to a dump on Reddit, we now have some awesome behind the scenes images from the set of The Mandalorian that show off this tech, and provide looks at how certain scenes were shot. The images looks to be from an article, but no link has been provided. They could also be from a magazine.

Either way, they show off the LED tech, and how it was used to blend digital VFX with practical set dressings, props, and of course live action actors. The LED screens would fill in backgrounds on the fly, or would provide roadmaps for any CGI work needed in post. The tech is truly amazing considering how real and polished the show looked.

When we interviewed Dominic Pace, who played Gekko the Bounty Hunter in Episode 3, he talked about the sets and these screens, so give that a listen if you haven’t already done so.

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