Bandai’s latest additions to its Movie Realization line, which portrays pop culture characters from Star Wars and Marvel as old school Samurai warriors. It’s one of my favorite looking lines around, and the two new figures will definitely be joining my collection.

Thanks to the Exclu Collective for the product shots! Make sure to check out their video coverage of Bandai’s booth featuring these two bad boys!

Ronin IG-88

Via Exclu Collective

The first new figure is Ronin IG-88, and he looks like a pimp. He has a very steampunk look to him, and I could see him being built by some badass Samurai to help them kick the shit out of other Samurai.

Shogun Ackbar

Via Exclu Collective

Now this dude is just bananas! I mean I love it, I question it, but then I love it again. Is it a trap? Only time will tell, but this dude speaks to my visual senses, and I plan on brining him into my lineup of other Star Wars Samurai figures.

Pricing and release date information hasn’t been posted yet, but you should expect them to cost around $70-$80 in the States if you need to import it or buy from a reseller. As always, if I remember, I’ll post those details when they become available.

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