Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of the regular Clones and now the voice of the Bad Batch, sat down with to talk about the second season of the series and he mentioned that while Crosshair has only appeared once this season, he’s in for a banger towards the three-quarter mark of Season 2.

Baker said that while Crosshair hasn’t been featured often this season, his conflict with his former brothers is still central to the series. In fact, Crosshair will have what sounds like his own episode coming up towards the latter half of the season in which things get very interesting for him storewide.

“His story becomes very, very interesting. My favorite episode is a Crosshair episode. It’s coming up about three quarters of the way through. It’s a really interesting story, and his own personal journey is particularly interesting to me. It’s a real standout this season.”

Dee Bradley Baker – StarWars

One can only guess what will make this interesting, but if you look at the upcoming episode titles in the next block of four episodes, which would technically place us three-quarters through, you might be able to make some speculations.

Feb. 15 — Episode 209 “The Crossing”
Feb. 22 — Episode 210 “Retrieval”
March 1 — Episode 211 “Metamorphosis”
March 8 — Episode 212 “The Outpost”
March 15 — Episode 213 “Pabu”
March 22 — Episode 214 “Tipping Point”
March 29 — Episode 215 “The Summit” & Episode 216 “Plan 99”

The episode could very well be Metamorphosis or The Outpost. Both could be inferred to involve a Crosshair episode. Obviously Tipping Point could be tied to Crosshair too, especially since Baker said we will see more of his personal journey, and a clone who is conflicted would indeed have a tipping point.

If you read another of Baker’s quotes, he does make it sound like Crosshair isn’t fully evil, so like many fans have speculated, he probably will redeem himself, but how and when is the question. Is Baker foreshadowing the redemption, or just a new way of thinking for Crosshair? Either way, if he does get redeemed it will most likely be through sacrifice, and I personally hope it comes through him saving Omega.

“But Crosshair is this interesting, coiled snake of a guy, who’s got a very odd, contrary opinion and viewpoint of things. I mean, his job is not only to hit things from a stealth distance, but I think he also views the world and other people from that distance, as well, and because of that, he’s an interesting character. The voice is the quietest of all the Bad Batch, certainly. But he’s not arch. He’s not pure evil. He’s ultimately a rational guy, and there’s some humanity in there, too.”

Dee Bradley Baker – StarWars

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