Lucasfilm released the first trailer for The Bad Batch Season 3, which is going to debut on February 21st with a three-episode premiere.

The trailer is pretty great, which you can check out below. It even packed in a major character reveal that already has fans wondering what the flip is going on. Asajj Ventress, a character once thought dead thanks to a Star Wars novel, is seemingly alive and the creative team is assuring fans that her canon lore is still legit.

“We love Asajj Ventress. She’s a character that we’ve been wanting to tell more stories about. We don’t want to spoil anything, but want fans to know that any new storytelling with Ventress will align with the events of Star Wars: Dark Disciple.”

Brad Rau BB Supervising Director

Take a deep breath fan boys and girls, they got you and our former bald lady with dual red blades.

The team also revealed the full episode lineup, which consists of 15 in total for Bad Batch Season 3.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Release Schedule

  • February 21: Episode 1 (“Confined”), 2 (“Paths Unknown”), 3 (“Shadows of Tantiss”)
  • February 28: Episode 4 (“A Different Approach”)
  • March 6: Episode 5 (“The Return”)
  • March 13: Episode 6 (“Infiltration”), 7 (“Extraction”)
  • March 20: Episode 8 (“Bad Territory”)
  • March 27: Episode 9 (“The Harbinger”)
  • April 3: Episode 10 (“Identity Crisis”), 11 (“Point of No Return”) 
  • April 10: Episode 12 (“Juggernaut”)
  • April 17: Episode 13 (“Into the Breach”)
  • April 24: Episode 14 (“Flash Strike”)
  • May 1: Episode 15 (“The Cavalry Has Arrived”)

Behold the Season 3 Poster!

Bad Batch Season 3 Trailer Stills

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