Today at Celebration 2023, it was revealed that a third and final season of The Bad Batch will release on Disney+, and Star Wars: Visions Season 2 got a slick trailer.

The Bad Batch

At The Bad Batch panel, it was revealed to fans that the series would return in 2024 for a third and final season. A brief trailer was shown, which as of right now can be viewed below, at least until it gets whacked by Disney.

Bad Batch S3 Trailer
by u/jsWHU108 in StarWarsLeaks

The news that this will be the show’s final season is a bit shocking considering how much fresh timeline there is still left to cover, but like Rebels, Bad Batch was not meant for a long run, so maybe if its cast is left living, they can cross over into the live-action space like the Ghost crew is now doing in Ahsoka.

Star Wars Visions S2

The official trailer for Visions S2 released today as well, and it looked rad. The full season of shorts will hit Disney+ on May 4. In addition to the new trailer, a poster was released as well.

For more details on the nine episodes, head on over to the official site.

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