It appears Lucasfilm is playing a shell game with the premiere date for Bad Batch Season 2, because after last week’s reported removal of The Bad Batch from Disney Plus’ September lineup, there’s an official listing showing it back on the schedule for a September 28th premiere.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess if The Bad Batch will release next month or not, but one would have to think that an official website wouldn’t include such a glaring error, but I guess there are always interns to blame. If this date holds, this would be the first time two Star Wars projects aired concurrently on the streaming platform, because Andor drops on 9/21.

Out of curiosity’s sake, I fired up my Disney+ app while writing this article, and sure enough, The Bad Batch has some new yellow text proclaiming that a new season was coming soon, so it more than likely is releasing on September 28.

There’s a good chance Bad Batch and Tales of the Jedi, both animated series announced for Fall 2022 releases, will get some new reveals on Disney+ Day, which is September 8.

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