While Dee Bradley Baker may have overhyped this episode a bit, it definitely was choice and helped further hurl The Bad Batch towards what has to be an action packed and extremely tense final four episodes.

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Hey now, Batch nation, while The Outpost featured another bland Star Wars planet location, this time in a shade of white, its narrative still hit hard thanks to one character finally starting to see the light about the empire and how it does or doesn’t take care of those who have sacrificed for it. 

Spoilers by the way, let’s freaking go!

Even though complimenting this series’ visuals and score may seem to be a repetitive trope this season, it’s hard not to highlight this episode’s production value, which featured some insanely realistic looking animated snow, and another Crosshair inspired synth laden soundtrack. 

Damn has Star Wars animation came a long way since 2007!

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to the meat, and that’s the fact that this episode and its brand of Imperial shenanigans finally got Mr. Happy, aka, Crosshair, to see the light. 

It took losing his bros, cody, the forced clone retirement, and now the death of his new pal Mayday to finally convince him he was working for dicks, but he got there, and it was handled perfectly. 

Lt. Nolan was a fantastic plot device to push Crosshair over the edge. He epitomized the arrogance and coldness of the Imperial officer core that ultimately led to the Empire’s undoing a few decades later. 

Even if Crosshair had any loyalty left in him after this mission, Nolan’s cold response to Mayday’s injuries and overall disdain for the clones would have still forced his hand. Crosshair has his problems, that’s for sure, but he’s clearly not pure evil. He does abide by a code, and that code has been forever smashed by the empire now. 

What makes this episode even more tragic for Crosshair is that just as he was beginning to smell the roses, he’s been captured and sent to Tantiss, so he will more than likely be robbed of any chance of freedom now after finally awakening from the hold his Imperial loyalty had over him. 

While this episode my have been a bit overhyped be Dee Bradley Baker, it most definitely pushed the galaxy further towards Imperial oppression, as well as taking Crosshair into new narrative territory, which will surely throw some wrenches into the Empire’s Tantiss plans over the final four episodes. 

How about some top moments. 

Up first is another fantastic new Clone commander and his reaction to the green Lt. Nolan. First off, Mayday is the man. Clones with beards are supreme, and his attitude towards an untested Imperial officer was on point. 

His sass was brilliant and warranted, and this scene instantly made Mayday a classic named clone, and probably earned him some early credit with Crosshair. 

Up next is another Clone Force 99 skirmish. If anything, this season has featured some amazing looking battle sequences, and the attack on the raider base was no different. Visually it was a treat, but what really sold it as a top moment was the fact that once again, 2 clones managed to take down what seemed like a full battalion. If anything, it just goes to show how damn skilled these warriors were, and that there Jango Fett DNA and training was superior to that of the conscripted army. 

Finally, in unsurprising fashion, Crosshair’s killing of Nolan rounds out this list. Not so much for the kill, but I will say I’m glad he took one to the face because that dude was a douche. This scene stood out more so for the fact that Crosshair finally got the message. Empire = Bad and he was ready to die versus continuing to serve the likes of Nolan. 

The whole ice vulture allegory was a nice touch to this scene as well, because like those birds, Crosshair has been finding ways to survive under the Empire, and sadly, his latest tactic may just have robbed him of any chance at true freedom after he saw the light. Talk about brutal. 

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