We have been saying it all along, but now we finally have confirmation from Disney themselves, Bad Batch season 2 is happening!

To most fans, it was pretty clear that The Bad Batch would be the spiritual successor to Clone Wars and continue to tell the post ROTS/pre New Hope story line in animation, but there were others who needed to hear the words “season 2” directly from the source.

Season 1 has had its ups and downs as most shows do, but as we head into the final 2 episodes of the season, it is clear that the Bad Batch as a group, and the show as a whole, is starting to find its groove. Episode 14 did a fantastic job setting up the ultimate confrontation that we have all been looking forward to since the start of season 1, and the overarching narrative of the clones in the imperial army has also come to a head.

There is a ton of timeline to cover with the Bad Batch, essentially from the end of ROTS all the way to the beginning of Rebels, so if Disney sees fit, this show could continue for as long as Clone Wars did or even longer. That all comes down to viewership though. If we as a fanbase keep watching, Disney and Lucasfilm will keep giving us the good stuff.

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