The Direct sat down with the Head Writer of Bad Batch, Jennifer Corbett, and Brad Rau, the show’s Supervising Director, and based on their conversation, it doesn’t sound like Season 3 of the Bad Batch will be Asajj Ventress’ last time on screen.

Rau discussed a bit more about the decision to bring her back, even though she dies in the Dark Disciple novel.

Yeah, I mean, we’re huge Ventress fans. And when we talked with our creative team to figure out that we could bring her into the storyline. We were very excited. We pulled designs from unaired arcs of the Clone Wars which inspired the novel ‘Dark Disciple’, and we’re not contradicting anything that happened in ‘Dark Disciple’.

Brad Rau

While that really isn’t fresh news, because the initial trailer reveal for Bad Batch Season 3 also was accompanied by a disclaimer that Dark Disciple will be honored, so the real meat came from Rau’s next quote.

But I will say that not all of the answers to the mystery of interest will be told in ‘The Bad Batch’ show. There may be future answers down the road in something else. But it was really great to have that character in our show to interact with our characters. [It] was really cool.

Brad Rau

As Nick and I discussed on this week’s episode of the Star Wars Time Show, the notion of Asajj being resurrected for Bad Batch only to never be featured again or to die in the series didn’t make a ton of sense. Why mess with existing canon for a short pop? One can only guess the choice was made because the creative teams across the board at Lucasfilm may have other uses for the character.

A live action debut to tie into Thrawn’s return and his deal with the Nightsisters would be very interesting, but she could also potentially pop up in a series like Tales of the Jedi thanks to her ties to Quinlan Vos.

Corbett also teased that Republic Commando fans will get to see Scorch again in Season 3, but in terms of his Delta Squad bros, she’s staying mum.

Well, for ‘The Bad Batch’, you’ll be seeing Scorch more. But, as for other Republican Commandos, I can’t really say. But you know, there are so many stories to tell in Star Wars. So I’d say nothing’s out of the realm of possibility for future content.

Jennifer Corbett

Scorch has seemingly transformed into a big jerk after Order 66, so I wouldn’t mind him getting Bad Batched, but it would be cool to see him switch sides and fight the power alongside his former clone bros.

Bad Batch returns for its final season on February 21, 2024.

Nick and I will talk more about Asajj and Scorch on next week’s episode of the SWTS, so don’t forget to tune into the Star Wars Time Show on a weekly basis via our podcast platforms or via YouTube if you prefer the livestream angle. 

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