Hasbro, via various Star Wars fan sites, has revealed six new Black Series figures that are all retailer exclusives, which effectively puts a huge damper on the news.

Why you may ask? Well, because most of these must-have Black Series figures are exclusives from some of the worst retailers for exclusive toys on the planet. These include Hasbro Pulse, Walmart, and Walgreens, so while these new figures mostly look great, Hasbro’s release plan seems as anti-collector as it can get. So while these all go live tomorrow (6/18) at 1PM EST, there’s a great chance most collectors will miss out and be faced with the eBay hustle.

The set of figures that really stand out and will be the hardest to score are the Bad Batch Captain Rex, Imperial Crosshair, and the 212th Clone Trooper. Rex and Crosshair are Walmart exclusives, while the Trooper is a Walgreens exclusive. Based on past experiences with both of these retailers, getting these figures will mostly involve luck unless you’re one of the shitheads who uses bots to buy them really quickly for flipping on eBay.

Again, these three will all go up for pre-order on 6/18 at 1pm, so make sure you’re checking Walmart and Walgreens if you want to try to get them all.

The next set of exclusives will be available from Hasbro Pulse tomorrow at the same time as the ones above, and they include 50th anniversary Power of the Force packaging for Han Solo, Greedo, and Luke Skywalker. Luckily, these don’t stand out as much as the ones above, at least to me, so I don’t have to FOMO too hard on this set.

Nick and I will talk more about these reveals in next week’s episode of the SWTS, so don’t forget to tune into the Star Wars Time Show on a weekly basis via our podcast platforms or via YouTube if you prefer the livestream angle. 

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