If you were hoping that the newly announced KOTOR game would be something new/a story continuation, this announcement is likely going to upset you.

Jason Schreier, a very prominent video game journalist, seems to have confirmed on the Reset Era forum that Aspyr Media is indeed the studio that is working on the new KOTOR game. Aspyr Media is an Austin based developer that does remasters, remakes, and ports of previously developed titles. So, it is very easy to see now that the KOTOR game that is in development is simply a remaster of the original game.

Not necessarily a bad thing. We have all wanted a remaster of the original KOTOR for a while now, but I can’t lie, I was more excited about a story continuation than a remake. I’ve played the original KOTOR many times, and while it will be nice to have everything shiny and new feeling, it won’t replace the experience of playing the original for the first time.

Either way, some KOTOR related is always good!

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