I’m always on the hunt for Star Wars art, in particular, fan art, aka, art created by the people who adore the franchise. I’m addicted to it, because I love Star Wars, but also because I love seeing how the franchise has motivated others to create their own art in honor of the characters and moments that made them fans in the first place.

The latest Star Wars fan artist I’ve come across is Meybis Ruiz, who appears to be a professional illustrator. Ruiz has crafted some very unique looking art pieces from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi based on a few of the more iconic scenes from those films. The style is slightly caricature-like and very angular, which gives the character face’s their uniquely stylized look. They almost look like old school 2D Disney animation characters thanks to the hard lines.

Below you can check out Ruiz’s Star Wars illustrations, but make sure to check out the artist’s website for other great art pieces.

Featured Image Credit: Meybis Ruiz

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