According to MSW, a big player in the Skywalker Saga will get some more screen time thanks to a role they will play in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+.

Fans may want to skip out on this reveal if they’re going for a clean slate approach to the series.

MSW is reporting that Jimmy Smits will be featured in the Kenobi series as Bail Organa, a role he has played in the prequel trilogy and in Rogue One. This shouldn’t be a surprise to die hards considering Bail’s importance to the Skywalker family, but he’s also one of the key members of the Rebel Alliance, so he’s ripe for a spin in this series, which is set 10 years after the fall of the Republic.

It is also being reported that Breha Organa will also be featured in the series, but it isn’t clear if Rebecca Jackson Mendoza is playing Bail’s better half again, or if the role has been recast.

Knowing what little we know about this series’ plot, having the Organa’s is a no-brainer and should flesh out a bit more backstory, at least from Leia’s perspective, on her upbringing. We will also probably get more insights into why Leia sought out Kenobi in A New Hope, who was described as being a friend and asset to Bail Organa, her adoptive Father.

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