Thanks to a Disney earnings call, we now know the release window for the Disney+ Andor series, which will be sometime during Disney’s Q4 fiscal term, which encompasses July – September 2022.

With this news it is very likely that the Kenobi series will be releasing before Andor, and The Mandalorian Season 3 would release post Andor. Hopefully, Disney+ Day will shed even more light on the release schedule of these projects tomorrow, but based on precedence, you can bank on Mando being a late Fall release, which would be after the revealed Andor window.

The question that remains is if Kenobi will release early in 2022, or around the midpoint of the year, which would place it around a May/June release window. One would think dropping this series around or on Star Wars Day, which is May 4th, will be the deal, but you never know. Bad Batch Season 2 also has to have a place on the 2022 schedule, so if Kenobi takes its slot in May, Bad Batch could be the first out of the gate in 2022 after The Book of Boba Fett wraps. Of course Kenobi could take that slot too, effectively swapping with Bad Batch, so like I said, hopefully we get some clarity for Lucasfilm on Disney+ Day.

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