Diego Luna, Genevieve O’Reilly, and executive producer Sanne Wohlenberg sat down with EW to talk about the upcoming first season of the Andor series on Disney+, which Wohlenberg teases will chart the “formative years of the Rebellion.”

According to Wohlenberg, the first season of Andor will explore how dark times and situations will provide “a real opportunity to be daring and brave,” for the main cast of the series, but also for other denizens of the Star Wars galaxy during this time of the Empire’s reign.

Diego Luna doubled down on this concept by explaining that why he plays the titular character, fans can expect heroism from other factions along the way.

“Even though it’s called Andor, it’s about a revolution. It’s an ensemble. It’s about a group of people. It’s about community. You’ll have the chance to meet many characters you don’t know and visit places you don’t know existed in this galaxy.”

Diego Luna

What may be even more interesting for die hard fans is getting to know Mon Mothma on a deeper level. Genevieve O’Reilly, who has played the character since Revenge of the Sith, explained that for the first time fans will actually get to learn more about who Mon is from a character level, versus a figurehead level.

“The idea of learning about this character — for me, as much as for anyone else — through a long-form narrative was really interesting. We have now the chance to get to know the woman. Previously, she was a bit of a pillar, or maybe a statue. I love that now we get to excavate that a little bit and learn about the human being — the woman behind the gown, if you will.”

Genevieve O’Reilly

Watching the Rebellion form in earnest, and learning more about what makes Mon Mothma who she is? That sounds like a great recipe for some entertaining and enlightening Star Wars stories!

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