In just four episodes the Andor series is proof that Star Wars doesn’t need Skywalkers and space magic to be captivating. Episode 4, titled Aldhani, expertly reinforced this fact as it continued to build out its world with great dialogue heavy scenes, and plenty of moments of note.

Below you can check out a review of the episode that also features seven of its top moments.

Andor Season 1 Episode 4 Review


It’s more clear now than ever that a Star Wars slow burn series sans space wizards and Skywalkers can still be Star wars without being Star Wars, and Andor is the reason why. 

In episode 4, this series continued to deliver some of the best world and character building to ever be featured in a Star wars property, while also delivering excellent exchanges of dialogue that work well for casual fans, while being gospel like to die hards like myself. 

Even though Tony said he’s not about fan service and easter eggs, this episode was chalk full of them, showing that at least his crew got it and made sure to include some killer lore references throughout, which in turn just make this series feel like an even more authentic piece of Star Wars. 

This episode exudes the feeling of rebellion and the arrogance of the empire, which we all know is about to come to a head 5 years down the road when the Rebel Alliance strikes its first major victory against the soon to be extinct empire. 

While the episode was rich from start to finish, I found seven moments to be standouts and ones that reflect this show’s deep care about its world, characters, and the overarching Star Wars lore. 

First, learning that Cassian was fighting on Mimban at the same time as Han Solo was amazing. It adds more history to both characters, and warrants fan discussions over if they ever met in a mess hall or in the barracks. Reveals like this, while small, are what make Star Wars great and reinforce its deep interconnectivity between properties and Ages. 

The next scene of note is the ISB briefing scene. It perfectly relayed to viewers just how pompous and callous the empire was towards the galaxy as a whole. It was as if meeting to talk about other systems and planets besides Coruscant was beneath them, and you could sense their general disdain for any system that went against the grain. It was just a great look at the ISB and how they operate with the same cockiness as the Navy and other branches of the Empire. 

Meeting Vel is also huge, as she clearly is some sort of important early Rebel cell leader. Like Cassian, it’s pretty evident that she was directly recruited by Luthen to serve in his burgeoning rebellion, and she also commands the respect of her squad. There’s a good chance she and Cassian become close, and considering she’s nowhere to be found in Rogue One, there’s also the possibility she dies in service of the Alliance, which would add more motivation to Cassian’s already large coffers of Imperial Revenge. 

While a throw away scene to most, I found Luthen’s costume change moment to be brilliant and sad at the same time. Stellan’s acting was superb as you saw him trying to channel is inner fake visage to return to his high society identity on Coruscant. The scene really hammered home the toll his Rebel adventures put on him, as well as the stress of living a double life. 

Sticking with Luthen, his scene with Mon were also brilliant. Again, you got to see how both of them have to live a life of secrecy, and how they’re always in fear of being spied on. The whole ruse to get her in the back, then learning about the circle, are just vintage spy thriller tropes, and I’m digging them in Star Wars. 

Mon’s rather scummy husband stood out in this episode, mostly because we all know the character Mon has, so it was shocking to learn that she’s married to a snob high society type who has no problems dealing with some of the worst members of Palpatine’s cabal. Hopefully he dies like Timm with two Ms. 

Finally, Lt. Meero is shaping up to be a very intriguing and possibly surprising Imperial. Her intuition is spot on with rebel activity, but because she’s a female in a man’s world, she doesn’t get the respect or attention that she should. I dig this real world dynamic that she’s placed in, and I’m interested in learning if her High Bar is just due to her sex, or something else like Patagaz’s line about brining in more officers like her. What exactly was she doing as an enforcement officer. I do wonder. 

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