It’s starting to appear that Tony Gilroy was trolling fans when he said Andor wouldn’t be about fan service or go heavy on Easter eggs, because Season 1, Episode 4 – Aldhani, was packed full of both.

Head on down below to learn about all of the lore driven Easter eggs, new planets, Star Wars references, and two Game of Thrones connections from Andor – Aldhani.

Eggs, References, New Planets, and Game of Thrones Connections


Hey now fans of Lord Gilroy’s gift to Star Wars, it’s time for a lengthier Andor easter egg, new planets, and references breakdown, because while Tony G. said he’s not about fan service and easter eggs, his crew surely was, because this episode was loaded. 

Up first we get a new planet mention in Aldhani, this planet was first revealed at SDCC 22, and teased it being where Cassian will be tested by the Rebellion. 

While arguing about his next choice, Cassian mentions the Alliance, Seps, guerrillas, and the Partisan front when questioning Luthen about supposed freedom fighting groups. The groups of note would be the Separtists from the clone wars, and the Partisans, who are ran by Saw Gerrera. 

We also learn that Cassian fought in the Mimban campaign, which is the same theater of war Han Solo found himself fighting in during the Solo film. 

Hey it’s Coruscant, the city of lights and the seat of galactic oppression!

The ISB scene has much to unpack starting with Patagaz being played by Anton Lesser, aka Qyburn from Game of Thrones. 

During the briefing you here mentions of the Ryloth sector, Arvala 6, not to be confused with 7 from Mando, the Abrion Sector which houses scariff and Rishi, and you get a direct reference to Scariff and the operation that is going on there requiring more resources. 

Cassian takes the name Clem, which is the name of his adoptive father Clem Andor. 

Luthen gives Cassian a Kuati signet, which is fancy for a Blue Kyber crystal, the things that make lightsabers go pshhhhh and that allowed the death star to explode planets. 

Luthen also drops a Rakatan invaders mention, which is a KOTOR deep cut for these evil dudes

Meeting Val gave us our second Game of Thrones connection via Faye Marsay, who played the Waif who trained Arya in the free cities. 

How about that Mudtrooper look?

Skeen drops a reference to Saw Gerrera after he caught Nemik asleep at the watch.

When Syril arrives home you can here the travel announcer mention Hosnian Prime, the future seat of the New Republic, plexis, which is from Star Wars Uprising, and Eufornis Major, which is from the Servants of the Empire series. 

Alright, Luthen’s shop is loaded with gems, so here we go. There’s a gungan shield over his shoulder here. 

Before we get to the others though, Mon drops a Chandrilla mention, which is her homeward and a planet first mentioned in the Star wars Rebellion Game. 

Ok, back to the egg overload, so we see and here about an Utupuan monk cudgel, there’s also some beskar armor, there is a Kashyyk clarion and a wookie helmet. You’ve got the super rad looking Starkiller Sith Stalker armor too, and how about a Rylothian Kalikori? 

We’re not done yet, because there were also Mortis stones present, the ones from the World between Worlds gate that reflect the Father, sister, and brother. 

These may be Holocrons, although very large ones.

And I did check the Net for this one, but apparently this is Indy’s whip frozen in Carbonite, because why not. 

Luthen and Mon talk about the circle, which up until now was a Nikto Slicer gang, but obviously it’s not the same rounded object that these two are talking about. 

Hey an Imperial Speeder, yes I saw the TIE fighters too, these feel like cheap eggs or references though. 

At the Mothma’s we learn her husband has invited Ars Dangor, who may be this Emperor advisor, Sly Moore who you should remember from the Prequels, and a mention of the Vizier, who is Mas Ameeda. What a great group of dinner guests if you hate freedom and democracy!

Mon mentions Gorman here as well, which eventually will be the planet that gets her to declare open rebellion in Rebels after a massacre takes place there. 

Anyone else get seeing stone on Tython vibes when you saw this diorama piece for the Aldhani mission?

And finally, Patagaz drops a Sev Tok mention, which is a planet featured in the clone wars, and Thrawn Treason. 

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