One of the biggest wants for the sequel trilogy was some kind of reflective moment that included Anakin Skywalker. It could have been with Luke, Rey, or Kylo and fan would have been happy, but as we all know, that didn’t happen.

Even though it didn’t happen, it was considered by Rian Johnson in TLJ, specifically around the burning tree scene.

Rian mentions that he felt an interaction between Luke and Anakin would have been a little off since Luke’s interactions and primary relationship was with the Vader side of Anakin, not the light side paragon that lives on in the Force. Because of that, he went with the Yoda cameo in that scene.

I still feel like Anakin’s presence was sorely missed in the sequel trilogy. He was the entire reason that any of this story exists to begin with, so leaving him out of the ultimate ending feels a bit unsatisfying.

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