Diana Lee Inosanto sat down with EW to talk about her Morgan Elsbeth character from The Mandalorian and how fans will learn more about her in the Ahsoka series.

Inosanto worked with Dave Filoni to craft a backstory for Elsbeth and how she’s become quite the manipulator:

“The beautiful thing was, Dave was always there to assist me on what her backstory is. She’s quite the manipulator, and we all know she’s cold-hearted, but this is a character that is truly dedicated and loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn. And there’s nothing getting in her way.”

Diana Lee Inosanto – EW

While she doesn’t give much away above, she did tease that fans will indeed learn more about Morgan’s backstory and her motivations in Ahsoka:

“What I really love is that we are going to get into her backstory. I’m just thrilled and excited, and I think the fans are going be quite fascinated and pretty happy about this.”

Diana Lee Inosanto – EW

If rumors hold true, Elsbeth’s backstory will more than likely feature Dathomir and the Nightsisters. The Nightsisters were massacred by Dooku and Grievous during the Clone Wars, so there’s a good chance that Morgan’s rumored ties to them and their fate are probably true.

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