The penultimate episode of the Ahsoka series continues the top-notch Star Wars storytelling that the series has become known for, but the lack of movement on one particular narrative thread may end up hurting the show overall depending on how next week’s finale plays out.

Episode 7, “Dreams and Madness”, did a great job on paying off on Rebels nostalgia and reminding everyone why Thrawn is the dude, but Baylan’s mission sadly lacked any true advancement. It’s concerning considering that the show ends next week and it clearly needs to spend time on the characters all trying to get out of the galaxy they’re in, so it’s not clear if enough time will be given to Baylan’s quest to pay off on the teases we’ve been given all season.

Either way, it was another intriguing bit of Star Wars and well worth your time and attention. Full review below.

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