The Ahsoka series returns this week with a short but sweet third episode that managed to channel the essence of the Star Wars saga, while also continuing to call into question the performances by some of the cast members.

While the episode was no longer than an episode of The Clone Wars, it was still very efficient at moving the narratives along while also fleshing out some important Star Wars Rebels lore for both hardcore and casual fans to chew on. In fact, the short runtime and crazy space battle action made “Time to Fly” feel like an episode of The Clone Wars, and you know Master Skywalker would’ve smiled watching Snips do battle with star fighters in space standing on the wing of a T-6. The segment had his stamp all over it.

From the very beginning, the episode wasted no time in jumping straight into the thick of the action. We were eventually greeted by a breathtaking space battle, with starships zooming across the screen and lasers firing in every direction. It was a sight to behold, and the VFX was top-notch as always. The attention to detail in each ship’s design and the fluidity of the movements made it feel like you were right there in the cockpit, dodging enemy fire.

But it wasn’t just all action and excitement. “Time to Fly” also took the time to explore some deeper themes and emotions. We got to see the inner struggles of certain characters, their fears, their hopes, and their growth. This added a layer of complexity to the episode, making it more than just a simple space battle. It was a reminder that Star Wars Rebels has always been about more than just the battles – it’s about the journey and the characters’ personal struggles.

And of course, no Star Wars episode would be complete without a few surprises and plot twists. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the episode delivered on this front as well. There were unexpected alliances formed, shocking revelations, and a cliffhanger ending that left us wanting more. It’s safe to say that “Time to Fly” left us eagerly anticipating the next episode and what it has in store for our heroes.

All in all, “Time to Fly” was a fantastic episode that packed a lot of punch in its short runtime. It had everything we love about Star Wars Rebels – the action, the characters, the emotional depth, and the unexpected twists. It reminded us why we’re so invested in this series and left us excited for what’s to come. So buckle up, because the ride is just getting started!

Please check out the full breakdown for Ahsoka Season 1, Episode 3 – Time to Fly below.

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