Apparently, Adam Driver has known Kylo Ren’s story arc all along, which is an interesting revelation from the Ben Solo actor.

In an interview with Deadline, Driver said, “With Star Wars, I had one piece of information of where it was all going, and that’s where it has been in my head for a long time, and things were building towards that.”

So it sounds like someone, maybe J.J., told Driver where Kylo was headed on day one, and he’s still headed there, so I guess there was some sort of agreement between the original Directors and Writers to ensure Kylo ended up wherever he will end up in Episode IX. I bring this up mostly because we pretty much know that Colin Trevorrow left Episode IX because he wanted to change some of Rian Johnson’s choices for Luke, so while we all thought that the Story Group was controlling some sort of main narrative arc for the trilogy, the individual Directors and/or Writers had some freedom with their movies. I just find it interesting that Kylo’s arc has remained unchanged, so I’m wondering if his story was set in stone from the get go, while other characters, maybe just the original cast, could then have a bit more fluid narratives between the films.

This doesn’t give us anything to really speculate on for Episode IX, but like I mentioned it does highlight the odd handling of this trilogy in terms of how the narratives were managed from one film to the next.

Nick and I will surely examine this revelation on the next episode of the Star Wars Time Show.

Via Deadline

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