Apparently yesterday was National Trivia Day, so a Star Wars fan reached out to Mark Hamill on Twitter to see if Luke Skywalker himself had any interesting Star Wars facts to share. Hamill being the great sport that he is actually replied to the fan, and provided a story about filming A New Hope.

According to Hamill, due to a record heatwave in England while they were shooting the first Star Wars, the actors playing Rebel pilots only wore the top half of their uniforms, so when the actors filmed the Death Star attack, their Rebel Pilot counterparts weren’t wearing pants! The Rebels attacked the Death Star in their shorts, and that’s awesome!

Now this revelation does come from Mark Hamill, who has been known to troll fans on social media, but I’m thinking this little trivia nugget is legit. It’s funny to think about the likes of Porkins sitting in his X-Wing with no pants on and just his orange jumpsuit top. Now that is an image that can burn your brain.

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