If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet, then stop reading this you fool, because it’s about to get spoilery!

If you have seen the film and have any ability to process thought, then it is made extremely clear that Finn is Force sensitive. Many fans thought as much back in The Force Awakens (I was not one), but thanks to Rise of Skywalker, it is now very clear that the former First Order Stormtrooper has a connection to the Force. Just reflect back on his sensing Rey’s death at the end as all the proof you need.

Anyway, some fans were bummed out that Finn never got to finish a talk he wanted to have with Rey when they were all sinking in quicksand on Pasanna. To me it was clear that he was going to tell her about his new connection, but others still wanted to see it play out on screen, and I don’t disagree. It would’ve been rad to see him tell Rey of his newfound and growing connection to the Force, which could’ve set him up to be one of the first new Jedi to join her ranks.

We didn’t get the conversation, probably due to the frantic pace J.J. employed, but thanks to a recent screening and Q and A event, J.J. did confirm exactly what Finn wanted to tell Rey, and that was the fact that he is Force sensitive.

Oh well, the exchange would’ve been cool, but I thought Abrams made it really clear that Finn had a connection in this film, so I finally knew my guy was tapping into the good stuff after all.

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