Spoiler haters beware, because a new report from MSW has been issued and it details an exciting scene planned for The Mandalorian Season 3.

Jason over at MSW has some juicy details on a scene that is going to be filmed soon for The Mandalorian Season 3, and it is being described as an epic moment for fans of the show and Mandalorians in general.

These details are listed as FACTS on MSW:

  • Currently casting actors and finding ways to use fan costumes to fill upwards of 75 suits of Mandalorian armor
  • Featured Mando roles will be given to local actors while the background Mandos will go to cosplayers from the fandom (Think the 501st being used in Season 1)
  • The 75 Mandos will have an armor swap look making them appear more colorful and in line with how Boba’s armor featured different colorings (or Din’s original kit) and looked a bit hodgepodged, versus the more uniform like kits worn by the Nite Owls and Din Djarin himself.

Jason also provided a few more details about this scene, although these have been labeled RUMORS on MSW:

  • Disparate Individual Mandalorians will respond to a call Din puts out to the galaxy for help
  • Din’s legend is growing around the galaxy at this point with rumors of the true Mandalore returning being talked about
  • Din’s call will lead to more Mandalorians appearing than you could have ever imagined
  • Jason mentioned seeing some of the red Mauldalorian armor being mixed up with this large group of Mandos, and is speculating that Din’s call and subsequent gathering may be a unifying moment for the fractured Mandalorian society
  • He also mentioned seeing familiar clan symbols in the mix, and a few new ones to boot

If you take the facts with the rumors you can see how this season may be shaping up in addition to the scene details provided. It sounds like Din’s call is what will require 75 Mandos to be on screen, and they respond to it because his legend is growing and some may believe he’s the true Mandalore.

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