The Halcyon galactic cruiser Star Wars hotel at Disney World is still being built, but we got a quick peek inside of the construction site thanks to some pictures shared by the Disney Food Blog.

Many of the images included in the original article are concept art pieces that we have already shared, but there are a few pictures of finished rooms that give an idea of what is to come once the Halcyon opens.

The images above show the bunk bed area that will be included in some of the Halcyon rooms as well as the viewing screen which will be used to simulate the outer space immersion experience that is key to the Halcyon’s Star Wars charm. You can also see the exterior of the construction site as there is clearly plenty of work to be done before completion.

Some are saying that the bunk beds seem a little small, but if I had to guess, it is likely that these built ins were made for children and not adults. Also, there are many different sized rooms in the hotel, so accommodations will be based on the needs of the family that books a stay.

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