Just last week Nick and I speculated on the rumored Rebels sequel and what it could entail if it were ever officially announced, but we also mentioned that the Ahsoka series may have rendered it useless, and now according to the KRT poo flingers, we were more than likely right.

According to their latest stream they more or less confirmed some of our speculations by saying that the Rebels sequel is all but dead, and has been replaced by the live-action Ahsoka. Like we speculated, Ahsoka will pick up where Rebels left off and feature tales on how she is trying to find Ezra and Thrawn.

I’ve even thrown down my own predictions about how the World Between Worlds will be used to mirror her own rescue at the hands of Ezra, so while we poke fun at the KRT boys, I do concur with their latest leaks.

You can check out a rundown of their latest leaks below:

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