Earlier today Disney released the D23 Special Look trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, and while the first half is dedicated to showing us how we’ve gotten to the events in Rise, the second is fully dedicated to showing off new scenes from the ninth and final Skywalker film.

In particular, there are 20 new scene shots to look over, which I captured in stills from the trailer. Each one features new content from the film, and a few should make you go hmm. The shots of what now has to be the hidden Imperial Sith fleet definitely stood out to me, but of course the big draw is Dark Side Rey, who gets a series of quick fire shots to fully capture her badness. I’m still going with this being a vision of some sort, but I like how they added in a voice over from Palp that makes it feel as if he’s talking to her. Nice try Editors, but you’re not fooling me!

Head on down below to take a peek at some fresh TROS goodness!

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