If you are an old fart like Matt or me, you can remember the first ever Star Wars Celebration way back in 1999. Yes there was a time before the years started with a 2, and those were some good times.

Back then, it wasn’t possible to order your tickets for events on your phone or even on your computer. Your options were to wait in line outside of a box office, order by telephone, or via mail in order form. Snail mail people, that’s how far we have come.

If you don’t believe me about the mail in order forms, take a look at the Twitter post below shared by Cole Horton, Player Insights Sr. Manager for EA Star Wars games.

Real post cards with all of the information you needed about the event. You could save 19% off the 3 day passes if your ordered through this form! But, if you were wary of the mail system back in those days, worry not, you could still get your advance pre-orders in through phone at 1-800-TRUE-FAN.

This is truly a relic of a bygone era and an awesome reminder of just how long Star Wars Celebration has been around in main stream culture.

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