Thanks to the official reveal of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in April, fans have been getting a slow drip of information about its plot, so we’re starting to get some actual concrete information in regards to what the story will be about. Last week, we got even more details thanks to the VF expose, so now, we can officially take 11 plot facts to the bank, which are detailed below in a new video I cooked up. I wouldn’t say anything shocking has been revealed, but certain elements and plot beats are starting to take shape.

Head on down below to check out The Rise of Skywalker plot facts!

  1. Two new planets – Pasaana and Kijimi
  2. New aliens – Aki-Aki
  3. Knights of Ren confirmed to at least appear on Pasaana
  4. Richard E. Grant’s character is Allegiant General Pryde
  5. Kerri Russell’s character confirmed as Zorri Bliss a member of the Thieve’s Quarter
  6. Story confirmed to take place one year after TLJ
  7. Rey’s Force training is nearly complete in TROS
  8. Kylo and Rey’s Force bond will be deepened
  9. The story will provide a definitive end to the Jedi/Sith conflict
  10. C-3PO will have an expanded role and will do something unexpected, think RAM-PO
  11. Origins of the First Order will be explored

Featured Image Credit: Annie Leibovitz

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